Happy Friday, everyone!

Today’s Tesla celebration is an article written by Nikola Tesla, himself…”The True Wireless.” Clearly written with TWENTY hand-drawn figures, Tesla “schools” us on the principles of wireless transmission and reception.

This article was featured in the May, 1919, edition of The Electrical Experimenter and thus, Hugo Gernsback, editor of the magazine, friend and fan of Tesla, penned the introduction.

IN this remarkable and complete story of his discovery of the “True Wireless” and the principles upon which transmission and reception, even in the present day systems, are based. Dr. Nikola Tesla shows us that he is indeed the “Father of the Wireless.” To him the Hertz wave theory is a delusion; it looks sound from certain angles, but the facts tend to prove that it is hollow and empty. He convinces us that the real Hertz waves are blotted out after they have traveled but a short distance from the sender. It follows, therefore, that the measured antenna current is no indication of the effect, because only a small part of it is effective at a distance. The limited activity of pure Hertz wave transmission and reception is here clearly explained, besides showing definitely that in spite of themselves, the radio engineers of today are employing the original Tesla tuned oscillatory system. He shows by examples with different forms of aerials that the signals picked up by the instruments must actually be induced by earth currents—not etheric space waves. Tesla also disproves the “Heaviside layer” theory from his personal observations and tests.
                                            HUGO GERNSBACK, EDITOR.


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